Anila Denaj
Minister of Finance and Economy

Ms Anila Denaj was born in Tirana on September 18, 1973. She has a son, Alexander Kume.

Ms Denaj graduated in Financial and Banking Management in 1995 from Tirana University and has over 22 years of working experience.

In September 2018, Ms Denaj was appointed the General Director of the Albanian Compulsory Health Care Security  Fund  (FSDKSH). Earlier, Ms Denaj was a member of the Administrative Council Board of the FSDKSH,  Board member of Social Insurance Albanian Fund and member of the Insurance Company Supervisory Board, INSIG SH.A. For a three year period, Ms Denaj was a member of the Electronic and Postal Communication Board Authority in Albania (A.K.E.P.).

From October 2013 to January 2015, she was the  General Director at the Albanian Ministry of  Finance with a focus on overseeing operations at the Department of Finance, Legislation and State Ownership, Information Technology Management, Department of Administration and Human Resources.

Ms Denaj worked for 12 years at ProCredit Holding GmbH / IPC Consulting Gmbh, holding various leading positions in ProCredit Group banks in Salvador, Bolivia, Ecuador, Romania and Mozambique. Her first experience in this field started in FEFAD Bank, later on, called ProCredit. In this activity, she held the position of the Bank Deputy General Director.

Ms Denaj has collaborated with the Public Administration School (ASPA) since 2014 as a part-time lecturer in the field of human resources management.

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