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Detailed legal information on 11 different categories of taxpayers, GTD-EBRD

General Tax Directorate (GTD) with the support of European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) has undertaken a wide information campaign for taxpayers through the use of information platforms which provide complete and detailed information on 11 different categories of taxpayers (GTD News, September 2018).

Lack of updated information on tax legislation and liabilities has been reported to the Secretariat of Investment Council as one of the main concerns of the local companies since the start of its work in 2015. Establishing information platforms for the business has been one of the first recommendations of the Investment Council. More specifically:

  • GDT should consider developing a procedure in its information system for the electronic notification of the taxpayers (e.g. through pop up notifications/alerts) on the relevant changes in the tax legislation,” recommendation of Investment Council (2015);
  • Establishment of a one-stop shop for informing and raising awareness of the business to be compliant with the legislation (efficiency of structures that serve to the business in Tax/Customs/NBC),” recommendation of Investment Council (2016).

These recommendations were part of the Memorandum of Understanding signed by GTD, ADISA and EBRD in October 2017.

The new information platform published on the GTD website, informs on the rights and obligations of the following categories:

Information brochures and videos, published by the GTD, contain detailed information for all the steps of the life cycle of a business, from registration, declaration, payment of liabilities, as well as other rights and obligations in relation to the tax administration. The information has been customized for each of the identified categories as per legislation in force, in easily understood formats for everyone.

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