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Focus Group Meeting: Incentives for Investment Promotion

On April 19th, 2016, the Secretariat of Investment Council organised a technical meeting in the framework of the analysis “Incentives for investment promotion: Albania compared to Western Balkan Countries”, which will be discussed in the next Investment Council Meeting scheduled on 27 April 2016. In the meeting participated representatives from public institutions dealing with investment policies and statistics and entrepreneurship from MEDTTE, Bank of Albania, Albanian Investment Development Agency (AIDA), National Business Centre (NBC) and INSTAT.

Purpose of the meeting was discussion of preliminary findings by the Secretariat and further collaboration to enrich the document with additional data and information. Issues raised during the meeting were related to concrete incentives included in the analysis and implementation progress of the pertinent legislation such as TEDA Law, Law on Strategic Investment, verification of data on foreign investment flow for 2015, interest of foreign investors during the last year and pertinent sectors, registration of foreign companies and reflection in the official statistics, average salary in the private sector in Albania and region, etc.

In the framework of the analysis and recommendations to be provided by the Secretariat, all the parties expressed commitment to provide information for their pertinent areas. On the other side, the Secretariat would reflect these comments in the consolidated version to be presented in the Investment Council Meeting of 27 April 2016, and would keep ongoing contact for the monitoring of the submitted recommendations.

Among others, it was agreed that the Secretariat would initiate a Collaboration Agreement with the central institutions for the improvement of data on FDIs. Main objective of this initiative was creation of readable data from the ministries and other stakeholders for more insightful analysis in order to better serve to policy-making and decision-making.

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