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Investment Council Discusses on April 27th, “Investment Incentives and Policies of Albania vs Western Balkans.”

In collaboration with Albanian Investment and Development Agency (AIDA), the Secretariat of Investment Council is working for the upcoming Investment Council Meeting to be held on April 27th, 17h00 – 18h30, at Tirana Business Park.

According to the latest reports and studies of EBRD, OECD, etc., the region of Southwest Balkans is considered of great interest by foreign investors for many advantageous factors, such as: a) EU perspective, b) macroeconomic stability, c) geographical positioning, d) favourable taxes, e) diverse economies, f) low-cost labour, combined with g) a relatively educated population. For this reason, regional countries, including Albania, have undertaken incentivizing policies, to some point aggressive, to become as more competitive as possible in attracting foreign investments. But are these incentives enough to attract productive investments to the economy, and how is Albania positioned?

Object of this analysis will be to highlight incentivizing investment policies in Albania compared to the other regional countries, as well as Albania’s challenges according to investors’ point of view in relation to these policies.

In this framework, the Secretariat of Investment Council has held several meetings with various stakeholders and representatives from the major business associations, as well as reputable companies in the country.

If you are interested to know more, please visit us again in the next days.

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