Main Activities

The routine activity of the Investment Council is coordinated by the Secretariat of the Investment Council, supported by the EBRD.

Some of the main activities of the Secretariat of the Investment Council are:

  • Develop the agenda for the meetings of the Investment Council, drawing as appropriate on proposals from IC members and business community;
  • Coordinate the activity of the Investment Council, including preparations of meetings, drafting proposal for legal interventions;
  • Make consultations with the business community within the IC Meeting agenda, receive and report on complaints from businesses and/or business associations for unfair practices and follow up with pertinent institutions;
  •  Provide to the Council members summary views on the subjects from the Investment Council’s agenda, in order to ensure high quality of decisions made within the Council with concrete recommendations by addressing business problems;
  • Monitor the implementation of IC Recommendations, evaluate the results and assess their impact on the quality of investment climate and report to IC on the progress made;
  •  Maintain close communication with the members of the Investment Council, state institutions, business community and civil society;
  • Inform the public about the activity of the Investment Council by updating the IC website when possible in real time.

Investment Council is supported by the Ministry of Finance and Economy, the EBRD and the Swiss State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO)

Albanian Investment Council