List of Permanent Members
Government Representatives

Ms Anila Denaj

Chair of the Investment Council/Minister of Finance and Economy

Mr Eduard Shalsi

Minister of State for the Protection of Entrepreneurship

Ms Natasha Ahmetaj

Deputy Governor, Bank of Albania

Mr Sokol Nano

CEO of Albanian Investment Development Agency

Ms Blerina Turdiu

CEO of Albanian Fund for Development of Diaspora

International partners

Ms Maryam Salim

Country Manager - World Bank Country Office in Albania

Mr Luigi Soreca

Head of EU Delegation in Albania

Mr Matteo Colangeli

Head of EBRD Resident Office in Albania

Ms Laura Qorlaze

Senior Country Officer - IFC Tirana Office
Members from the business community

  • 3 Business Members with Permanent Mandate

Chamber of Commerce and Industry Tirana - Mr Nikolin Jaka (Chair)

Union of Chambers of Commerce and Industry (UCCIAL) - Ms Ines Muçostepa (Chair)

Albanian Chamber of Diaspora - Ms Linda Dervishaj (CEO)


  • 4 Business Members with Non-Permanent Mandate*

Chamber of Foreign Investors in Albania (FIAA) - Mr Tom Kristian Larsen (President)

American Chamber of Commerce (AmCham) - Mr Enio Jaço (President)

German Chamber of Commerce (DIHA) - Ms Stephanie Sieg (President)

Confindustria Albania - Mr Sergio Fontana (President)

* Mandate starting from 01.06.2019 until 31.05.2021.

  • 2 Ad-Hoc Business Members



Previous Members from the Business Community

During 2017-2018


  1. Edmond Spahiu - Chief Executive Officer, Alb-Star Sh.p.k.
  2. Isuf Ferra - CEO, Ferra Co
  3. Seyhan Pencabligil - CEO, BKT

Business Associations:

  1. Tom Kristian Larsen - President, FIAA
  2. Ines Muçostepa - Chair, UCCIAL
  3. Grigor Joti - Chair, Albanian Commercial Union

During 2016-2017

Three Companies:

  1. Shkëlqim Bozgo - Country Manager, TAP
  2. Luan Leka - CEO, EHW GmbH
  3. Samir Mane - President, Balfin Group

Three Business Associations:

  1. Arben Shkodra - Chairman, Producers' Association
  2. Luan Bregasi - President, BiznesAlbania
  3. Mark Crawford - President of AmCham


During 2015-2016

Three Companies:

  1. Luan Muça - Executive Director, Delta Group
  2. Lindita Legisi - Administrator, Omega Sh.P.K
  3. Adamantios Frantzis - General Manager, Antea Cement Sh.A

Three Business Associations:

  1. Nikolin Jaka - Head of Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Tirana
  2. Christian Canacaris - Chairman of Executive Board, Albanian Association of Banks
  3. Silvio Pedrazzi - President of FIAA


Note: Participation of members from the business community is organized by the Secretariat. For every annual period, the Investment Council approves a new agenda, and selects new members with a non-permanent mandate from the business community.

Investment Council is supported by the Ministry of Finance and Economy, the EBRD and the Swiss State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO)