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New information helpdesks for taxpayers, GTD, EBRD and ADISA sign agreement

TIRANA, October 11 – General Tax Directorate, Agency for the Delivery of Integrated Services (ADISA) and European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), signed on Wednesday a Memorandum of Understanding for the establishment of ‘Helpdesks for taxpayers,’ under the support of EBRD.

These helpdesks will be established first in Fier, south-west Albania and in Kruja, north Albania, to provide clear and updated information to taxpayers, especially micro, small and medium-sized companies, in regards to tax compliance or related to the registration of new businesses. Helpdesks will be established within ADISA centres, which offer public integrated one-stop service, and are expected to become functional in beginning 2018. Informative materials for individuals or taxpayers will be drafted as per different business needs, in an easy-to-use format and will be available online.

Establishment of information helpdesks is a recommendation of Albania Investment Council, a public-private dialogue platform supported by EBRD, as a pilot project to address one of the key concerns of local businesses, lack of adequate information to the taxpayers of the legislation and tax compliance.

Head of EBRD Albania, Mr Matteo Colangeli said that ‘Improvement in tax compliance is a key element to sustainable economic development and better investment climate, therefore, we appreciate cooperation with Albanian institutions in this important area and the initiative we present today is right on time and it fulfils the revitalized focus of the authorities in the fight against informality.” He also expressed readiness to extend EBRD’s activity in support of a better business climate in Albania.

General Director of Albania Tax Directorate, Ms Vasilika Vjero added that extending to a broader dimension the functioning of services and educating the taxpayers to be closer to them, as well as extending the information methods is a priority of the Tax Administration. Thus, assistance to taxpayers through this information platform is an initiative to facilitate understanding and implementation of taxpayers’ rights and obligations by encouraging volunteer performance.

Meanwhile, ADISA’s Executive Director, Ms Anisa Gjika said that ‘This joint initiative shows serious efforts made toward the improvement of service quality to citizens and businesses as well as facilitating the approach toward public services.”

EBRD and Albanian government undertook the joint initiative on Investment Climate and Governance Climate in 2014 to support reforms that improve the business environment.

Source: Albanian Telegraphic Agency

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