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New Publication: Monitoring Report 2021

Reporting of the progress and the challenges of Investment Council’s recommendations implementation, has become a systemic and well-structured function of the Council. This process can’t be formalised without the active interaction with the responsible institutions for the implementation of the IC recommendations, thorough research of national and international reports, proposals contribution in working groups, frequent meetings with private sector representatives, relevant survey data analysis, and inclusion of IC member’s suggestions—all of these are the main traits of the yearly IC performance.

Since 2015, the IC has issued in total 274 recommendations, 40.5% of which are implemented, 15% in process of implementation and the remaining 44.5% still to be implemented. But what are the main progress areas and which challenges are affecting their implementation?

Read our Monitoring Report 2021 to learn more.

Moreover, to speed up the recommendation’s implementation, during the last quarter of 2021, the Secretariat’s team were actively involved in frequent consultations and participated in several working groups, with the MFE’s cabinet, experts and business representatives, in the frame of preparation of the National Plan for European Integration 2021-2023, prioritising the recommendations to be implemented during this period in order to speed up the EU integration and doing business improvements. More concretely, 26 IC recommendations were included in the plan, as priority interventions, mainly related to informality reduction, public services improvements, digitalisation enhancement, e-commerce facilitation, inspections simplification processes and human capital skills improvements.

This cooperation is in coherence with the basic principles of IC – inclusiveness, application of the principles of business integrity and analysis based on facts and evidence.


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