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Novelties of the New Customs Code and Implementing Instructions, Business in a Consultation Meeting with the Customs

The Secretariat of Investment Council in collaboration with the General Directorate of Customs, Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Tirana and the Association of Producers organised a consultative meeting with the business on the novelties and advantages of the New Customs Code. This meeting was proposed by the business in the Investment Council Meeting “On the Facilitation of Customs Procedures” (9 May 2017).

During the abovementioned Investment Council Meeting were highlighted some important reforms undertaken by the Government, such as the green channel, local clearance, common transit system with Kosovo, etc. The New Customs Code approved on 31st July 2014 enters entirely into force in June 2017. The Code has been drafted in compliance with the EU directives and provides a range of simplified procedures for exporting and importing businesses with the objective to facilitate the trade and further promote trade exchanges. The instructions of the New Code have been already prepared by the General Customs Directorate and enter into force along with the Customs Code.

For the business to become aware of the possibilities and provisions of the new customs code it is important to prepare the grounds for better implementation of the customs practices. For this purpose, representatives of GCD in this consultation meeting with the business delivered some of the most important aspects of the New Code which affect the relations between the business and the customs administration, such as goods declarations at the customs, possibilities for the application of simple procedures, customs regimes, obligatory tariff information, the provisions of measures for the violations of the code, etc. Meanwhile, Ms Leka highlighted the importance of prior consultation to increase the transparency but also facilitate the application of rules for both parties as well as the role that the Investment Council has played in this direction.

On the other hand, the business community raised some concerns on customs procedures, discussed also by the Investment Council, related mainly to the application of available data for establishing the customs value, transparency on the results of scanning, the high number of inspections, submission in paper of a range of documents at the customs, changes in the tariff classification of goods, addressing the administrative complaints at GCD, etc.

During the meeting, it was appreciated the collaboration of the business with the GCD, and it was emphasised the need for periodic and institutionalised consultations between the customs administration and the business community to strengthen their partnership and collaboration for a safe, open and fair trade.

Presentations on the News Customs Code (in Albanian)
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