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Summary on Applicable Legislation for Construction Permits

As of September 1st, 2016 any application, review and approval on construction permits will be performed exclusively through the electronic platform. Electronic platform enables the realization of one-stop service for construction permits (One Stop Shop).

In order to provide some basic information on the procedures and rules applied with this regard, the Secretariat of Investment Council has prepared a Summary of the applicable legislation related to the Construction Permits (31 July 2016).

The Summary gives an overview on the main laws, regulations and the basic rules and procedures to be followed by the applicants since from the moment the application is filed, until the decision is taken by the competent authority.

It aims to be of help especially for the businesses which have been met in the past months by the Secretariat and which were interested to have a picture of the adopted legislation.

For more information please download: Summary on Applicable Legislation for Construction Permits (in Albanian).

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