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Technical Notes

Working Document | March 2024

Private Sector Challenges: Informality, Productivity, and Innovation

Working Document | September 2023

For Improving the Quality of Digital Public Services to Businesses

Working Document | April 2023

From Low Wages to Labour Productivity

Working Document | January 2023

Challenges of SMEs during the transition to alternative energy sources

Working Document | October 2022

On the availability of the working force and quality of skills

Working Document | May 2022

Public consultation as an effective tool for improving decision-making and public-private dialogue

Working Document | October 2021

Internationalization of Albanian micro, small and medium-sized enterprises* challenges & opportunities

Working Document | March 2021

Innovation in Entrepreneurship as a Challenge for Increasing Competitiveness and the Engine of Economic Growth

Working Document | October 2020

Domestic production, import substitution and Investment promotion in Agro-Processing

Working Document | June 2020

Proposals on Economic Recovery post- Covid-19

Working Document | May 2019

Municipal - Business interaction on transparency, services and local economic development

Working Document | October 2019

On Investment Potentials and priority sectors

Working Document | May 2019

On investment and legal security on property

Working Document | January 2019

Investment Climate 2018, on inspections

Working Document | October 2018

On formalization and competitiveness in the tourism sector

Working Document | June 2018

Legal Framework on Investments, current debates and challenges

Working Document | January 2018

On the functioning of the E-PERMITS platform and its impact on the improvement of the Investment Climate

Working Document | November 2017

Survey “On some aspects of Investment Climate”

Working Document | May 2017

On the facilitation of customs procedures

Working Document | February 2017

Qualified Workforce - an opportunity for Invesment

Working Document | November 2016

On the refund of the value-added Tax (VAT)

Working Document | June 2016

For formalization of agriculture: the well functioning of the VAT compensation scheme and promotion of investments

Working Document | April 2016

Incentive Policies for Investment Promotion: Albania VS Western Balkan Countries

Working Document | February 2016

On the improvement of dispute resolution mechanism between business and public administration

Working Document | December 2015

Informality a common government-business challenge

Working Document | September 2015

For the improvement of the Tax inspection process

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