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The role of business associations in promoting good governance and the fight against corruption

Tirana, 14 June 2022 / The Secretariat of Albania Investment Council participates in the first Anti-Corruption Conference organised by the Albanian Prime Minister’s Office and contributes as a panellist in the session “The role of business associations in promoting good governance and fighting corruption”. In the focus of discussions: The role of business associations in the fight against corruption and the ability of a corporate business to combat abusive practices.

In her speech, the Head of AIC Secretariat, Ms Diana Leka (Angoni), highlighted the high cost of transition and corruption in the Balkan countries as a result of the institutional and economic transformation of societies, with a direct impact on the politicisation of businesses. Despite the positive progress observed in the country in terms of VAT reimbursement, improvement of customs procedures through the new customs code, and the undertaken initiatives in regards to digitalisation, Ms Leka underlined that the market requires more stable institutions in order to function properly. Since 2015, the Secretariat’s analyses have indicated that businesses consider ​​digitalisation as a key instrument to fight corruption, while they note as main systemic problems leading to informality, the interaction with the public institutions and fiscal instability.

In this 3-day conference, the discussions were focused on two main pillars, reforming the justice system and reforming services to citizens through digitalisation as an effective tool to fight corruption.

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