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What will the Council discuss in the second half of the year?

  • Simplification of inspections to reduce administrative burden for the business

Government Inspections are essential components of the regulatory system and critical to the benefits of society, businesses and citizens. However, inspections may bear redundant costs and administrative burdens for businesses by discouraging entrepreneurship. The high number and often overlap of various inspections as well as their efficiency in practice still remain a concern for the private sector, also reported to the Secretariat. Thus, the analysis of inspection procedures and interaction between businesses and relevant authorities will be part of the IC agenda for the second half of 2017. 


  • Construction permits and e-permit portal in the frame of recent territorial reform

The Government has implemented an online portal on construction permits aiming to facilitate the procedures for the business and individuals for getting such permits. The IC Secretariat has collected some preliminary opinions and feedback from businesses on construction permits applications and procedures, particularly related to agricultural and industrial sites. On the above basis, our aim is that in cooperation with the local governmental units and the respective stakeholders, to look into the impact of such reforms on investment and local economic development.

The Secretariat looks forward to hearing business concerns on inspections and constructions permits (e-permit portal) on our e-mail address [email protected].
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