Working Group on ICT (Digitalization)


One of the main objectives of this technical working group is to evaluate the potentials for investment in the ICT sector (with a focus on digitalization) and propose a coordinated work plan with all parties involved with the final goal of creating favorable conditions for investment in the ICT sector. Additionally, it will facilitate and propose necessary legal and regulatory procedures aiming to evaluate, prepare, and implement the necessary concrete actions for the development of the ICT sector.

Kick-off Meeting

Following the Joint Working Order between MFE and MIE aimed at assessing the potential for investment in the Information Technology sector (with a focus on digitalization), a kick-off meeting was held on 20 May 2020 via Zoom platform, between representatives of MFE and MIE.

Meeting I

The first meeting at the technical level was held on 26 June 2020, via Zoom platform.

Meeting II

The second meeting at the technical level was held on 29 July 2020, via Zoom platform.

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