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Members of the Investment Council are permanent and not permanent. Representatives of the Business are six and will be selected based on the approved IC agenda, in order to have their interest and real contribution. We don’t have permanent members from the business community (Government Decree point 5).

First, the Head of the Secretariat with the help of experts will have meetings with business representatives to identify real problems.
Second, the staff of the secretariat will list the identified issues and present to the IC members in the form of the draft agenda for approval as topic to be followed.
Third, upon inclusion in the agenda, IC secretariat will prepare a deep analysis, make a diagnosis and recommendations to be approved by the Investment Council members.
Forth, staff of the Secretariat, upon approval by the Council will follow up next steps until it will get approved by the PM or other institutions within the government.
All the above steps will be published in the IC Secretariat web site to show the transparency of the process.

If we rely to the numbers in the Government Decree, there are 15 members, three donors, and six government representatives, three representatives of the business and three from the business associations. The Secretariat has the right to identify and select the representatives of the business (point 5, of the Decree). The Head of the Secretariat, may ask other representatives to be members from the civil society etc., but always in coherence with the agenda (point6). More details will be provided in the internal manual.
In accordance with point 16, of the Decree 294, we will have at least six meeting in a year.
Point 15 of the Decree and point 14. The secretariat will propose a draft, based on proposals from the private sector and submit to the Investment Council for approval.

The outline of the meetings could be the following. Based on the approved annual or six months agenda, the Secretariat will prepare an action plan that will include things to be done, responsible people and institutions, date of submissions of recommendations.
The secretariat will send in advance the agenda of the next meeting, plus papers, documents prepared by experts.
For each topic, will be an explanation note, prepared by the Secretariat staff +experts. Recommendations have to be approved or NOT. Afterwards, minutes of meetings will be prepared, emailed no later than 5-7 days. They will be published in the website after the approval of the meetings minutes and we will follow up with next steps.

The staff of the Secretariat will work together with Experts to prepare the analytical issues and produce relevant reports. The staff will also monitor the implementation of the recommendations while also participating in meetings, events and conferences. It is very important, to be informed on any news related to the business and government in real time. What is the relationship between the Investment Council and the National Economic Council?
The KEK is established by Law and represents a high level instrument, while
Investment Council is more at a technical level, bottom up approach and more specialised on investment climate. The IC will help the KEK with advice on investment climate issues. Issues are consulted in advance with the business. Mr. Ahmetaj is participating in both instruments.

The door is open, email, telephone, media – IC Secretariat will have as well enquiry email.
Just go to the Secretariat and explain the problem or sent a letter or request for an appointment at [email protected]