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MEETING XXIV –  21 June 2021

“Consultation of Draft Business and Investment Development Strategy (BIDS), 2021-2027”

MEETING XXIII –  23 March 2021

“Innovation in Entrepreneurship as a Challenge for Increasing Competitiveness and the Engine of Economic Growth”

MEETING XXII –  10 November 2020

“Domestic Production and Stimulation of Investments in Agro-processing”

MEETING XXI –  5 June 2020

“Economic Recovery, Post-Covid-19”

MEETING XX –  14 April 2020

“Business Challenges in the Context of the COVID-19 Pandemic and Measures Taken by the Government”

MEETING XIX –  27 January 2020

“On Interaction between Municipalities and Business: Transparency, Services, and Economic Local Development”

MEETING XVIII –  4 October 2019

“On Investment Potentials and Priority Sectors”

MEETING XVII –  29 August 2019

“On Invoices and the System for Monitoring Transactions”

MEETING XVI – 30 May 2019

On Investments and Legal Security on Property

MEETING XV – 29 January 2019

On Business Inspections

MEETING XIV – 15 October 2018

On Formalization and Competitiveness in the Tourism Sector

MEETING XIII – 18 June 2018

On the Legal Investment Framework

MEETING XII – 13 February 2018

On the Functioning of the e-Permits Platform in the framework of the Deregulation Reform

MEETING XI – 6 December 2017

Survey of Tax Administration and Informality

MEETING X – 9 May 2017

On the Facilitation of Customs Procedures

MEETING IX – 13 February 2017

Finding professional skills in the labour market – Business Case of the BPO sector for investors in Albania

MEETING VIII – 23 November 2016

On VAT Refund

MEETING VII – 29 September 2016

Access to Financial Services in the Agriculture Sector

MEETING VI – 29 June 2016

For Formalisation of Agriculture: The Well-Functioning of VAT Compensation Scheme and Promotion of Investments.”

MEETING V – 27 April 2016

Comparable Analysis of the private investments progress and government measures in Albania and West Balkans.”

MEETING IV – 2 March 2016

“Analysis of Business Concerns on Dispute Resolution Mechanisms within Public Administration as an Alternative to Judicial System.”

MEETING III – 15 December 2015

“Informality, a Common Government-Business Challenge”

MEETING II – 5 October 2015

“On the Improvement of Tax Inspection”

MEETING I – 1 July 2015

“Deregulation Reform”

KICK OFF MEETING – 15 April 2015

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