Calendar of Meetings

Upcoming Investment Council Meeting

The upcoming IC Meeting no. XIII is planned to be held in May 2018. As previously approved by the Members, the meeting agenda will be:

  • Consultation of the draft Unified Law on Investments



Listed from the latest

MEETING XII – 13 February 2018

On the Functioning of the e-Permits Platform in the framework of the Deregulation Reform

MEETING XI – 6 December 2017

Survey of Tax Administration and Informality

MEETING X – 9 May 2017

On the Facilitation of Customs Procedures

MEETING IX – 13 February 2017

Finding professional skills at the labour market – Business Case of the BPO sector for investors in Albania

MEETING VIII – 23 November 2016

On VAT Refund

MEETING VII – 29 September 2016

Access to Financial Services in the Agriculture Sector

MEETING VI – 29 June 2016

For Formalisation of Agriculture: The Well-Functioning of VAT Compensation Scheme and Promotion of Investments.”

MEETING V – 27 April 2016

Comparable Analysis of the private investments progress and government measures in Albania and West Balkans.”

MEETING IV – 2 March 2016

“Analysis of Business Concerns on Dispute Resolution Mechanisms within Public Administration as an Alternative to Judicial System.”

MEETING III – 15 December 2015

“Informality, a Common Government-Business Challenge”

MEETING II – 5 October 2015

“On the Improvement of Tax Inspection”

MEETING I – 1 July 2015

“Deregulation Reform”

KICK OFF MEETING – 15 April 2015

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