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Ervin Mete

Minister of Finance and Economy

Ervin Mete (born 13 September 1983) is an Albanian politician serving as Minister of Finance and Economy in Prime Minister Edi Rama’s Cabinet since September 2023.

Mr Mete holds a master’s degree from Harvard University in the USA and from the London School of Economics (LSE), specializing in corporate law and tax law.

Mr Mete served as the Chief Executive Officer of the Financial Supervisory Authority since May 2020 and earlier as the Chairman of the Authority's Board since September 2019. During 2013-2017, he held the position of Deputy Minister of Finance and Deputy Minister of Economy, responsible for fiscal policy and economic development. During this period, Mr Mete was involved in public finance management reform and the modernization of the fiscal and financial legal framework.

Mete has held the position of National Coordinator for the "Economic Reform Program with the European Union," the role of negotiator for Chapter 9 "Financial Services" in Albania's negotiations with the European Union and has also led the high-level group between the Government and the Bank of Albania to reduce non-performing loans in the banking system.

Membership & Mandate

The mandate of the Investment Council (IC) is set out in the Decree of the Council of Ministers no. 294, dated 8 April 2015. The main objective of the IC is to facilitate the dialogue between representatives of the business community, international organisations, donors and the Government for the development of a favourable, non-discriminatory and transparent business and investment climate in Albania.

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