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Albania Investment Council Main News, October – December 2023

Investment Council Proposes Recommendations for Improving Digital Public Services and Strengthening the Business Environment

6 October 2023

The Investment Council (IC), led by the Minister of Finance and Economy, Mr Ervin Mete, convened to discuss the quality of digitised public services with a focus on the private sector, highlighting the progress made so far and the challenges encountered by both public and private actors as related to the delivery of these services. Minister Mete, in his address, underscored the positive feedback received from businesses in the Secretariat’s survey regarding online services and their role in alleviating administrative burdens. He reaffirmed the Albanian government’s commitment to digitalisation, service reengineering, and deregulation to create a more favourable business environment. In the open discussion, business representatives highlighted persistent challenges, encompassing both technical and fundamental issues.

The reporting of progress and challenges in the implementation of the IC recommendations now constitutes a well-structured systemic function for the Secretariat. Compared to the end of 2022, there's been a 4.6% rise in fulfilled recommendations, reaching a current total of 48.6%, with 16.8% still in progress.

[NEW PUBLICATION] Technical Note: For Improving the Quality of Digital Public Services to Businesses

20 October 2023

The object of the analysis is to stimulate the debate on the quality of digitised public services with a focus on the private sector, highlighting progress and prioritising the main issues in three pillars:

  1. Assessment of administrative burden and corrupt practices
  2. Experiences with online platforms
  3. Assessment of specific elements of electronic service platforms

The issue was selected and voted on by the IC members at the beginning of 2023 and was also prioritised in the context of the promotion of the Digital Agenda. The primary goal was to promote transparency on the reform as part of the IC mission and to bring for discussion the views of the parties regarding the challenges that need to be addressed as regards the technical aspects of the improvement of the special services offered to the business, as well as the supporting framework of the reform.

[NEW PUBLICATION] Survey Findings: Business Perspectives on the Quality of Digital Public Services

20 October 2023

Has the adoption of digital public transformation improved the ease of doing business in the country, considering transparency, effectiveness, and responsibility of public entities towards the evolving demands of the private sector? The survey tackles a general assessment of online public services and the challenges faced by the private sector in utilising digital public services. The questionnaire was completed anonymously by 324 businesses.

Investment Council Initiates Consultation of the Economic Reform Programme (ERP), 2024-2026

15 December 2023

The IC convened its fourth meeting of 2023. The meeting marked the launching of the consultation process for the draft of the Economic Reforms Programme (ERP) for Albania, 2024-2026, which outlines the structural reforms for economic development and the associated measures. In his speech, Minister Ervin Mete underscored the significance moment of preparing the draft ERP, citing the recent publication by the European Commission of the Growth Plan for Western Balkan countries. The Minister Mete emphasised the necessity of broad involvement from the business community to provide a strong foundation for achieving the program’s objectives. During the open discussion session, business representatives praised the importance of timely consultation of the draft ERP while highlighting major impediments that, if addressed, could enhance the program’s effectiveness and business competitiveness.

Investment Council increases the Number of Business Members

20 December 2023

By Decision of the Council of Ministers (DCM) no. 754 dated 20 December 2023, the business membership composition of the IC has been amended and increased by 4, bringing the total to 21 members from the existing 17. This decision, broadens the representation of business associations as members of the IC, from four to eight, acknowledging the increased interests of business community demonstrated via several official requests for membership consideration made to the Secretariat, and reaffirms the support and commitment of the Government towards the platform. The Secretariat is actively engaged in the selection process of business associations with a 2-year non-permanent mandate within IC. This enlargement reinforces the IC’s commitment to inclusiveness while empowering business community role within IC platform.

Secretariat submits official suggestions regarding the draft ERP 2024-2026

26 December 2023

During the consultation phase of the draft ERP, the Secretariat provided suggestions aligned with IC recommendations. In the official letter submitted to the MFE, the Secretariat commended the incorporation of some relevant IC recommendations into the draft ERP 2024-2026, highlighting interventions and concrete measures related to the importance of institutional interaction and, digitalisation, regulatory conditions in electronic communications, access to finance, and formalisation of the economy. Additionally, the Secretariat underscored the importance of addressing issues related to the 1) quality of general education, 2) birth rate reduction and relevant social policy support 3) re-skilling in line with AI and innovation-related professions, 4) fiscal and legal stability, and 5) property-related issues while emphasising stimulating investments in priority sectors and attracting value-added FDIs, particularly in the context of TEDA revitalization, remains a top priority.​




Investment Council is a platform set up by the Albanian authorities with support from the EBRD to intensify the dialogue between the government and the private sector, improve the business climate and promote good governance. Investment Council is supported by the Ministry of Finance and Economy, EBRD and the Swiss State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO).