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On Legal and Institutional Framework in Tourism

In follow up of the discussions held “On Formalization and Competitiveness in Tourism” during IC Meeting XIV (15th October 2018), Secretariat publishes a paper underlining a summary of the legal framework in the field of tourism, relevant institutions and their competences, as well as the concrete incentives applicable to entrepreneurship in the field of tourism.

The tourism industry has increased its contribution to the country’s economy both in monetary and employment terms, becoming thus a strategic sector for Albania. In line with this trend, there has been an increased focus from the government, donors, financial institutions and private companies in the sector. As of 2015, there has been an increased dynamic in preparing the necessary legal and regulatory framework which is the prerequisite of any investment and sustainable development. The political commitment for stronger support to the tourism started to materialize through sectoral law and law on strategic investments both approved in 2015, which aimed to bring the sector under the focus of new flow of investments. Additionally, by-laws, CoM decrees, regulations, incentives have been approved from time to time in order to fill the framework and to address the different segments of the tourism chain aiming to bring the sector development and its contribution closer to its potential.

For more, download: Summary Paper “On Legal and Institutional Framework in Tourism”
Useful link: Materials of IC Meeting XIV “On Formalization and Competitiveness in Tourism”