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Secretariat of Investment Council consults with experts and other stakeholders preliminary findings on the performance of e-permits portal

TIRANA, October 25 – The Secretariat of Investment Council organised on Wednesday a consultation meeting on a technical level about “Construction e-permits Portal – Its impact in raising the transparency and the improvement of investment climate in the country.”

The meeting was attended by over 20 representatives from architectural studios, Agency of Territory Development (ATD), National Agency of Territory Planning (NATP), National Agency for Information Society (NAIS), Ministry of Finance and Economy, Ministry of Agriculture, Municipality of Tirana, investors, experts as well as other representing organisations/associations of the local and foreign businesses.

Purpose of the meeting was to discuss the preliminary findings and recommendations drafted by the Secretariat of Investment Council on the performance and impact of the e-permits portal for the relevant stakeholders as well as facilitation of investments promotion. The Secretariat analysis was carried out during June – September 2017 based on an all-inclusive consultation process with over 30 actors from the private and public institutions at central and local administration.

During the meeting, the discussions were focused mainly on the practical issues related to the functioning of the portal as a one-stop service and precisely on: a) the deadlines for the approval of the construction permits and their implementation in practice; b) required documentation; c) institutional coordination, d) technical aspects for the well-functioning of the portal and other issues in the construction sector.

The preliminary findings and recommendations were subject to a constructive debate among the attendees. The raised comments and suggestions will be reflected by the IC Secretariat in the final material of the Analysis which will be discussed in one of the upcoming meetings of the Investment Council for the remaining 2017.

Agenda of the Meeting

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