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Albania Investment Council and FEUT sign Memorandum of Understanding

June 10, 2022

Tirana, 10 June 2022 / A Memorandum of Understanding between Albania Investment Council (AIC), and the Faculty of Economics, University of Tirana (FEUT) was signed today by the Minister of Finance and Economy, Ms Delina Ibrahimaj (in the role of AIC Chair) and the FEUT Dean, Prof. Dr. Dhori Kule.

The memorandum sets out the framework for cooperation between the AIC and FEUT for their activities in the frame of improving the business climate in the country. It aims to enhance the combined collaboration of the two institutions in the exchange of information, exchange of the technical and professional expertise, exchange of knowledge and experience, promoting mutual activities and forums, as well as setting up a monitoring framework to follow up and implement AIC recommendations. Strong cooperation and coordination will make the best use of the core competencies and comparative advantages of both institutions.

Minister Ibrahimaj stated: “AIC strongly supports the collaboration with academia, and we believe that this MoU will further enhance the collaboration between the two institutions. The unique role of academia as a partner to the business and the government has often been raised in the AIC recommendations, and we look forward to materialising this collaboration.”