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Secretariat of AIC participates in the Annual Conference of EBRD-Supported Investment Councils in Tbilisi, Georgia

On 15-16 March 2018, the Secretariat of Albania Investment Council participated in the Annual Conference of EBRD-Supported Investment Councils in Tbilisi, Georgia. Purpose of this 2-day event was sharing of respective key achievements for 2017, lessons learnt and disseminating best practice. 

Main issues tackled during the specific sessions were related to the shaping of economic policy, led by EBRD’s Eastern Partnership countries’ regional economist and  focused on how EBRD’s investment can change the business culture in transitional economies and how international business/economic rankings (e.g. Doing Business Report; Global Competitiveness Report; Heritage Foundation Economic Freedom report etc.) can be used to help a country make and track progress on reforms and what risks such rankings may pose.  

 Also, a special session was focused on Promoting effective legal reforms, led by LTT’s Corporate Governance expert focusing on the importance of improving SME corporate governance and corporate rights to improve the business environment in EBRD’s Countries of Operation, and how this can be achieved and sustained.

In the end, it was emphasized that ICs have tackled so far systematic issues of the business climate, and will continue to keep in their good work in investment climate by also including sustainable development goals, digitalization, inclusion (gender, youth, regional, etc.) and scaling up the start-ups.

Since 2015, it is the third Investment Council event focused on policy dialogue and supported under the Investment Climate and Governance Initiative lead by the ICGI team in EBRD HQ, London.

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