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The Secretariat consults with experts and other local stakeholders main issues regarding construction e-permits and business inspections

In the framework of its work for the identification of the business concerns regarding construction e-permits and business inspections, the Secretariat of Investment Council has held meetings in the Municipality of Tirana (20 June 2017), Municipality of Durrës (11 September 2017) and Municipality of Korça (15 September 2017). These meetings were attended by the office of urban planning and local inspectorate for the protection of the territory. During the meetings, it was discussed concretely on the progress of the electronic applications for construction permits, including industrial buildings, as well as the challenges of the municipalities, private investors, and engineering and architecture firms to comply with the requirements of the system.

In particular, it was discussed on some of the potential recommendations to be submitted to the Albanian Government.

The participants tackled also the role of the local inspectorate for the protection of the territory during the application process for permits, initiation, and implementation of works, etc. Inter-institutional coordination at the central and local level, in both cases of e-permits and inspections, continues to be a concern for the public administration and the private sector.

The Secretariat held separate meetings also with some companies which had gone through the application procedure for construction permits, especially for industrial buildings. The discussions were focused on the deadlines, compliance with the procedures and the transparency of the process for all the parties.

The findings and recommendations will be further elaborated by the Secretariat and presented at the next IC meeting.


Photo: Municipality of Durrës







Photo: Municipality of Korça

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